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on the cloud.

We develop products for entrepreneurs using modern technologies.

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monoLambda is an app development agency.

We implement smooth functionality, design meaningful UX, and deploy on efficient infrastructure.

Solid Engineering

We build strong foundations.

With long-term maintainability in mind, our practices include agile development cycles, code reviews, user testing, and more.

Baked-in Aesthetics

Design is more than just "polish".

Your customer’s first impression means everything. From the beginning, we design with usability aesthetics in mind.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We innovate fearlessly!

We stay current with fast-moving technology, ensuring your project is modern and reliable.

A Distributed Team

Leverage the cloud!

Being "on the cloud" means we offer unique global expertise while keeping our operational costs competitive, thanks to the convenience of remote work.

Our Services

We develop optimized products that are a joy to use and can be deployed to web, mobile or desktop!

Project Consultation

Discovery and planning

From prototype to deployment, we offer a premium analysis for your business. We’ll give you the best kept industry secrets and technical details to increase your profitability.

Web Applications

Software on the web.

The web is changing into a platform that can distribute full-fledged progressive web applications with low user-friction, no installation required!

Mobile Applications

Cross-platform and maintainable.

Here at monoLambda, we love developing for mobile using React Native. This allows us to develop your project for Android and iOS users.

Desktop Applications

Cross-platform and lightweight.

Leverage the power of the Electron framework and offer your users a great desktop experience on all operating systems

Cloud Infrastructure

On the cloud yet?

We can help save money with a custom cloud infrastructure for you. Pay per use and infinitely scalable— on the shoulders of giants.

Landing Pages

Convert your niche!

Every app and product needs a landing page. We build lightning fast & conversion-oriented pages for maximum lead generation.

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Our Partners

Our reliable technology partners help us serve you better. We’re focused on your project’s fast-growth, efficiency and scalability.